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Preppers are not just gun hoarders and consperacy theorists. Basically, prepping for (any) event(s) possible is an art!

There are preppers all over the world and in many shapes and forms. Some just want to make sure they have enough food to last a year, others (doomsday preppers) are absolutely sure there is an economical crash coming. They all have a lot in common, such as gathering information about what they are preparing themselves for, using that information to prep for the occasion and making sure that when SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) they are not the ones that will die of starvation or worse.

Imagine a situation where suddenly the powergrid goes offline for months. This could happen because of a electromagnetic attack, where NO electronic devices that are hooked to the grid will work anymore. No more refrigeration, no ATM's, no phone or other communication devices, no way to pay electronically for stuff you need, no TV or radio and no water pressure as the pumps don't work anymore. Nothing will work anymore after such an attack, so people will panic in a hurry. They'll figure out real quick they're in trouble. People that don't have water and food stored in their houses will be affected first, as they run out the quickest. Normally, they'd go out and buy more food and water, but that is impossible now as the registers don't work and the stores keep their doors locked. They try somewhere else but run out of fuel. Gas stations don't function as there is no way to transfer the fuel from the underground tanks to the cars that line up for miles. That night, as everything is dark, people go hungry and the streets become a dangerous place. Hundreds of people attack several stores and trying to get some food for their families. The police is powerless over the angry mobs that roam town, and it will only get worse.

Some preppers bug in, meaning they lock the doors and they stay put. They have all they need to stay alive for upto a year before going hungry. To avoid being attacked and looted, they have enough guns and ammo to discourage anyone that tries to get in.

Other preppers have a well prepared vehicle, called a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle). They are able to escape the crazy situations in populated areas and are either able to live off the land for a good while, or have a BOL (Bug Out Location) where they have stored a lot of food, water, guns and ammo so they are certain not to die any time soon just like the people that did not prepare for situations like this. It's not uncommon for these preppers to engage in excersizes, so they know exactly where the weaknesses of their BOV or BOL are. Once they know, they sort out the possibility of a problem.

When SHTF, a prepper is your best friend if you are not prepared yourself. The problem will be that you'll be digging into his / her storage, so you're going to have to bring something to the table. Bartering might be possible, but you're still that dumb guy that didn't listen before SHTF. There won't be many welcoming preppers though, once you find out where they are and that they have a lot of food, you could return with others to try and steal it. Well, guess what, they're prepared for you!

Natural disasters

Preppers are better prepared for natural disasters than other people. It's not uncommon for them to have well prepared bunkers where they can hide from a tornado, or have taken measures against tornadoes. Below is an image of an inflatable prepper dam. The owner was called crazy for years, but when a flood came, he was the only one with dry feet for miles around and food for many months. His house was the only house that did not have any damage, while others were either ruined or completely washed away by the flood. Emergency services tried to get everybody out safe and taken care of, yet this man was taking a vacation in his back yard.

Inflatable prepper dam

In the end, it's not about how you prep or what you prep for, but what you do to be as prepared as possible for whatever it is that is bound to come your way.

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