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My name is Peter, I'm an addict

1 in 6 people in the world are affected by addictions. Addictions change lives, and not just that of the user, also his family and friends. Almost every person runs into the exact same things once an addiction starts to affect a life.

Peter (a fictive name) shares about everything he has gone through, how he solved everything and above all sends a message of hope along for everybody that has something to do with addictions in any way imaginable. Both the family as well as the addiction are treated in this partially autobiographic book.

It is very possible to tackle and conquer an addiction! If you yourself are not addicted but have someone in your life that is, this book will grant you a unique chance to get inside the head of the addicted person and to figure out how an addiction works from the perspective of the user.

Are you addicted yourself, or do you think you are addicted? Then you will recognize an enormous amount of situations in this book. Don't be scared, it's only a confirmation that you too can get the better of this disease!
Have hope!

This book is not too thick on purpose, so that it's easy to read. Its purpose is that this book reaches as many addicts as possible with only one goal: to help them overcome their addiction.

You can get this awesome book on Amazon, in both paperback or e-book. Just click on the image to go there.

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