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In this section you will find a growing number of useful links where you can get even more information than on this page. I have devided the types of links between YouTube videos and normal websites, so there's always something to find for you. While I'm slowly adding more and more links here, it can be that you think a certain link should be here. If so: let me know!


A collection of YouTube videos with a short description

Far North Bushcraft and Survival is a channel about making fires in just about any situation or condition

Paul Kirtley is a bushcrafter that explains most things you can experience very well, but sometimes you need to be patient before he gets to the good stuff you came to see

Joe Robinet was a contestant on the show Alone, and a very skilled bushcrafter as well.

Primitive Technology can't be overlooked in a list like this. He never speaks, but shows you what he is doing and the results he's getting. In my opinion this is one of the best channels on YouTube.

Boomstick Tactical is all about guns and gun safety. Well worth the visit when you can legally wear guns in your country.

Books to get

Incredible sources of information for those that rather read paper books than screens

Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury is a must-have for every bushcrafter (Amazon link)

"SAS Handbook - third edition, The ultimate guide to surviving anywhere" can be found all over the internet as a PDF, but here is the paperback. (Amazon link)

The Encyclopedia of Country Living 40th Anniversary edition, is for everyone. (Amazon link)

For the people that like to read informative books while diving into an adventure, don't forget my own books which you can find here.

Links to websites

The Wikipedia page on Bushcraft is found here

The Easy Homestead is a page with SO much information I don't even know where to begin reading. They also collected many links to various blogs on the subject.

US Preppers is both a blog as well as a extensive source of information for not just preppers, but also bushcrafters and survivalists

More to come soon! Finding websites that don't spam you with clickbait are rare these days...

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