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Camping in the wild

As you can expect by now, this site is not exactly for the 'glamper' but for the ones that like nothing better than to get out there and live. That primal feeling of taking care of yourself has a enormous attractive power to men and women alike. Some go out just to be alone, others travel in groups, but the important thing to do, is to get out there. Preperation is key if you want to have a good time though, so aside of the lists I made, here's what I consider:


If you're going on a hike that will just last one day, you won't "need" a national park of the size of Yellowstone to prevent having to walk in circles. When you are going on a trip for days or even weeks, that is exactly what you want, so let me begin by proving size does matter!

Some of you are experienced hikers, and when they see a few mountains in their way, they simply step over them. Others have trouble with those same mountains, because they don't have enough (or the same) training and/or gear as the ones that keep pushing on. It is therefor important to grab a map and check out the area before you're going anywhere, especially when it is new ground you're breaking. After all, you're going camping and not on a tour of duty.

After you've found the area, you need to make sure others know in which area you will be camping out. Should something happen, they'll know where to look.

Do a little research about the area, make sure you're allowed to be there, can you make a fire to cook on, are there places you should avoid, how hard will it be to find water, the list goes on.

Always take a map of the area and a compass with you, so you can find your way back. I'm not saying you can't find it, but hey, who am I talking to, do you stay on the paths at all times?

Check the packinglist for more ideas on what to bring!

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Season / weather

Make sure you venture out in the wild well prepared. Do you have insect repellant for summer and thick clothes for winter? Something you should always carry is rain-gear. You never know how quick the weather can and will change! Be prepared and take the knowledge with you!

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Season / food

You really need to know all about the plants and wildlife in the area you're going to. Which plants are edible, and which will ruin your trip? Are you allowed to hunt in the area? As always, make sure you pack enough to sustain yourself, and be prepared to be out there for a while. Better safe than sorry! Check the forum for all the info!

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Available time

It is easy to lose track of time when you're venturing out, on more than one occasion I was so relaxed and happy I lost all sense of time! Therefor, I let people know how long I will be gone and take two extra days to get back. Should I want to stay out there a bit longer, there will be no problem! I always pack a bit more anyway... Check the packinglist!

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Questions or suggestions? Leave them on the forum!

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