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Average hike

Feel free to browse the list, check items off, add or remove items, so you can prepare for your hike! This page does not save your changes!

Adjustable checklist:


Always let somebody know where you are going and for how long.
Should something happen, they'll know where to search!!!

Short camping list

A list for a spontaneous or planned day hiking. Just the very basic needs for ONE DAY of planned walking are added. If you think you're going to stay away longer, check the list for the medium / long hike.

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Medium / long hike

I can't blame you for going out more than just one day! Here's a useful list to help you prepare for 4 or 5 days in the wild, without immediate access to modern conveniences. It is the short list, plus extras.

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More than a few days

You are the true bushcrafter, prepared for anything nature has to offer, a verent hiker and feel more at home in the woods than at home. Here's your list, so you won't forget anything. It's the medium list with added items just for you.

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General preperation

If you're like me, you'll love camping. When I spontaneously grab my backpack, throw a few things in it and leave, I always forget a few things. Here are a few tips to make your stay in the wild awesome!

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