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For almost every bushcrafter life in nature is more than just a hobby, it is more of a lifestyle. We can divide this hobby into many different disciplines:

Make fire
A lighter is not challenging enough. There are many ways to make fire without a lighter, which greatly increases your chances of survival!

Building a shelter
A place to hide from the elements or to sleep, whether you build one of fallen wood or a sail, you absolutely need it!

Knowledge of flora and fauna
Without this knowledge you will not make it. After all, you have to know which plant or mushroom is edible and which are not, but also which type of wood you can use, and know which animal leaves which traces. Knowledge weighs nothing, so take as much of it as possible!

Without water you will not survive for long, but where do you find it and how can you purify it so that you can drink it?

Provides the meat you eat, but also skins to make clothes or bags, but also bowel for rope. (banned in many countries)

Where it is allowed to work with firearms people often hunt larger game.

Wood cutting
Making your own bowls for drinking or storing something, tent pegs, parts for the traps, there is always something to do!

Create tools
A lot of bushcrafters make their own tools, from knives and axes to needles to make clothes.

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