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Bushcrafters are nature lovers. They prefer to work somewhere in the forest because they love it so much. Despite all the acitivities, they think that nature should be left intact. Whether they spend a night or start a campfire to make a cup of coffee, they make sure nothing gets left behind. This is also called "leave no trace". This naturally stems from an almost immeasurable respect for nature.

Nature provides everything we need and she takes good care of us. It would therefore be disastrous if, due to our actions, a piece of forest burns down so that we can no longer enjoy that piece of nature.

We only take what we need for survival. When we pick blueberries we leave behind enough for the birds that also have to live. From edible plants we take enough to make our food, but not so much that the plant dies. We also make the things we need from dead wood, never will we damage a living tree for our own gain.

We are responsible for the area, so we can come back and enjoy it more often!

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Terug Home