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Self Reliance - Reclaiming Grounds

In this book, Peter and Naomi are taking you on yet another journey through the world of living in the wilderness.

This time however, there's more trouble than they bargained for! Aside of the trouble of finding enough food, there are also poachers on their land, and they have to fend off wolves and bears. That doesn't take away the fact that this time you will learn a lot of new things about living in the wild.

How do you overcome serious injuries? How do you store food for long term storage? Those and many more questions are addressed in this great new adventure, which is the sequel to Self Reliance - Living Free.

Can Peter and Naomi make it out alive this time? Only one way to find out!

You can get this awesome book on Amazon, in both paperback or e-book. Just click on the image to go there.

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