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Self Reliance - Living Free

This book is written by a Bushcraft enthusiast. You are meeting Peter, a man that is living in a city.
Thanks to depressions and the constant agony of being jobless, whining neighbors and basically no way out, he decides to go on a camping trip to get some much needed rest.
All he really wants is to be left alone for a while, but on this trip he decides he no longer wants to live in the crowded city, or near anyone really.
Thanks to his knowledge he is able to set-up a decent living for himself, and is then joined by his friends that also decided to camp out for a while.
Together they experience many adventures. Needless to say even the seasoned Bushcrafter can and will learn a thing or two from these books, because all methods he uses are described in detail.
This ensures you are not only taken on the great adventure yourself, but also gain some extra knowledge.
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