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Post by Bram van Munster » Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:17 pm

While you are on this board, the following applies:

This is a informative site. Its purpose is to gather as much information as possible to help its users overcome situations in a SHTF (Shit hits the fan) situation, as well as maintaining and upholding their lifestyle as they choose it to be.

The information found on this site is not limited to:
  • Just one country or its laws, rules and regulations
  • Your own local rules, regulations and laws
  • Lifestyles you may not agree with
  • Other situations in which you can get in trouble of any type, shape and form
  • Gun usage, images, information about maintenance or ammunition
  • Animal keeping, hunting, processing them for food, slaughtering, field dressing and more
  • Language - People are different all over the world and use different words, slang or terminology. On this site, English is used only so everyone can understand what is said, but we are NOT necessarily a politically correct site, allow some profanity and of course a lot of humor.
What is limited:
  • Age - We don't want irresponsible behaviour from minors unless they are supervized by an adult
  • Drama - We don't censor words, topics, situations, gear nor anything else that is related to the forum topics, even remotely. Therefor, you are probably going to see or read things you disagree with. Move on if you like causing drama, have a weak stomach or get offended easily.
  • People with intentions to harm others - You will be banned if we catch you.
None of the information on this site is supposed to be used to create harm on other humans or animals unless there is a absolute, unavoidable, life or death situation in which you have no other choice.

When a user is removed from the site, this is with good reason, stirring up drama about this decision can and will get you banned as well, as the moderators as well as the site owner are there to keep you safe.

As the forum grows, it is next to impossible to read every new post immediately. Notify a moderator or site owner when you see something that should not be on our site.

The site owner, nor his moderators can EVER be held liable for content that is posted by users of the site.
You are responsible for usage of the information you found here and what you do with it.
Our intention is to be informative.

Site users agree to never hold this site, members, situations, information nor concequences against the site owner, moderators or other users of the site.
Do not EVER put yourself in dangerous situations that can cause harm, illnesses or death, you are hereby warned.
Do not EVER break local, national or international laws while practicing anything found on this site, we are not responsible for you.

When you do want to practice methods shown on this site, the user is always responsible for his / her own health, whether or not the situation practiced is supervised by experienced users, so DO NOT EVER put yourself in situations that might (even remotely) be dangerous to your health or those around you.

Information posted by users is sometimes posted from their own point of view, out of date, or from their own experience. Keep in mind that however they posted this with the best intentions, every situation is different from the next one. If you take this information for granted and start using it in your life, you're on your own, we are not responsible for you.

DO NOT EVER come to us about near death experiences, advice that has cost you money, situations that got you into troube, law enforcement problems, disasters, illnesses, wounds, hurt, agony, nor anything that can get the site owner nor the moderators in trouble of any kind, shape or form, you're on your own.

If you do not agree to the site rules or this disclaimer, you are NOT allowed to use this site!

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